Here are 10 things your customers really does not want to hear. Useful for those face to face (F2F) and over the phone (OTP) interactions.

SOme of these need no explaining.

1. Let me find someone that can help you with that.
Take responsibility, do not fob off a customer to a colleague (unless you really are new!)
2. We don't have any more of that
[without the 'let me take your details and let you know when we do'!]
3. Sorry you've come through to the wrong team, I'll just transfer you back
[take responsibility to resolve afterall the customer has probably been waiting/passed from pillar to post already]
4. I don't know.
5. We don't do that, but if you try [competitor] I think they do it.
6. I'm not sure, have you spoken to our XYZ department?
7. You'll need to call our ABC team
[without transferring or giving them a direct number]
[(OTP) make sure there are no long periods of silence].
9. We can't do that it's only for XYZ customers.
10. APATHY - if your customer hears apathy or indifference they will feel you do not value their business, and they will go elsewhere.

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